Great experience!


We did the bird watching and floating village tour and it was fantastic! Mr Hoksan is a local and knows this area very well. He told us a lot about the birds, nature, village and the people who live there. It was a real insight in the locals life.

Mr Hoksan has a great eye for the birds. He found even the smallest birds in a far distance. He even gave us his own camera because we just had our phone-cameras and we could get the pictures via Dropbox.

After a good meal in his own house we had a small trip to a tower so we could see the whole floating village.

Just a tip: Ask Mr Hoksan to show you whats inside the wooden boxes next to the tower ;)

It is also mentionable that Mr Hoksan does a lot of work for the comunity. He helps the poor and does a lot of charity work. During the tour you could see that the money you spend does not go to a big company but to the local projets that help the village.

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