Get your free Overnight Stay with Village Tour


I offer this a great opportunely for your organization or guests to continue to support our community’s project to helping poor families in the village to have a better of their living in the future.

This is a long term project of Prek Toal Home and Life, which is focusing on rebuild the floating houses for our poor families who can not survives of their living environment. The cost per house is USD 3,880 with size 6m x 8m with two bedrooms, one kitchen, and one bathroom, inside seating area, outside balcony area and also the chicken’s farm as well.

FOR: Organizations or hotels owners donation, we offer this to your organization as an opportunity to contribute to the next house, which would enable organization to receive international publicity and promotion, as well as help the local people to know organization and its programs much better. Including a free overnight stay with village tour for two people as well.

FOR: Guests or Family donation, we offer a free overnight stay with village tour for two people as well.

TOUR detail: Overnight stay and village tour trip, you will enjoy your day at our home stay and on the boat on the lake with Prek Toal village tour around where is you could see the floating houses, floating schools, pagoda, floating garden and also crocodile farm etc.. with paddle boat with villager rowing.

Please contact us now for this: +855(0)77 797 112 /

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