Successfully and Appreciated to this family on 3rd May 2018!

I am AN Hoksan from Prek Toal village in Cambodia, is a Project Manager of “Prek Toal Home and Life”. 

Mr. SEURM Set is 36 years old, he a fisherman and sometime work as hire person for a day in the village and his wife, Mrs. LAI Pha is 32 years old, is housewife and cutting fish in the village with daughters to support family and also school of their child. There are 7 people in the family with small old floating house.

 Prek Toal Home and Life Project

All of those families are surprised and happy, more than he could say after we gave them that floating house. It has a big spacious area in the house, including two bedrooms, a kitchen area, a bathroom area and an outside balcony. 

They would like to say “A LOT OF THANKS” to all donors who helped to build the house for them, as they did not think they could ever have a house like this in his life.

As those of the families are working very hard, fishing on the Tonle Sap Lake, both in the day time and night time, but this is not enough for their survival, as they can only earn just enough for buying food.

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