A genuine, ethical tour experience sustainably supporting the local community..

“A genuine, ethical tour experience sustainably supporting the local community”

Hoksan is a young entrepreneur who established Prek Toal Tours and Travel as part of his broader initiatives to promote and support the community that he's from.
I was part of a local NGO group that engaged Hoksan to take us around the floating villages and to see the local sights. Hoksan was an extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional guide who genuinely seeks to provide his guests an insight into the life and beauty of his community. For people who are after sustainable and genuine experiences of Cambodia - that is, an opportunity to engage meaningfully and ethically with the people of Prek Toal, share a meal with them and learn about life in Cambodia, then Prek Toal Tours & Travel (and Homestay) is highly recommended. 

Hoksan will take you to his home where you will share a meal with his family. Not only will you be giving back to the community you will be visiting, but you'll also be supporting a very genuine and bright individual committed to improving the lives of people in Prek Toal.

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